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 Darin Watson  

Piano, Guitar, Bass, Voice, Music Theory, & Music Production


Darin was born and raised in Dallas, Texas where he received a Bachelor's in Music Media and Recording, with a focus in Music Theory and Composition.  In November of 2011, he founded his own recording and production studio where he has produced live and studio albums for bands, solo artists, vocal ensembles, and even a few jingles.  He has also had the privilege to work alongside artists associated with Universal Motown Records, RCA Records, Island/Def Jam Records, as well as several other smaller independent labels.  Darin has performed in many bands across DFW, and is an active studio musician and vocalist.  Just as he has been mentored and guided throughout his life, he feels privileged to share his knowledge and experience with other young and aspiring musicians.


Voice, Sight Reading, Piano, & Music Theory


Whitney is an East Texas native and a graduate of Tyler Junior College.  She received a Bachelor's in Music Education at UT Arlington.  Whitney was the Associate Choir Director for Lewisville High School between 2010-2016, and the Head Choir Director at Melissa High School and Middle School from 2016-2018.  Under her direction, her choirs have consistently received sweepstakes awards and been successful in All-State and Solo & Ensemble.  While in school and in her teaching career, Whitney has also been active in musical Theatre both in acting and teaching.  Whitney has also performed with many bands in DFW and is an active studio vocalist.  

She currently resides in Tyler with her husband Darin and 5 year old son Judah.

 Whitney Watson 

Drums  (DFW Area Only)

Perry was raised in Dallas, TX where he studied Jazz Drumset Performance in college.  He started playing in local bands and ensembles at the age of 18.  His experience ranges from Jazz, Rock, Country, and Pop.  Perry started teaching in local music schools and studios in 2012 and continues to teach throughout the metroplex.  He specializes in all levels of Percussion/Drumset as well as beginner piano.  Perry has experience with all age groups and individuals with special needs.  He loves spreading the joy of music as well as educating others in a fun and interactive environment.

 Perry Butler 
 Perry Butler 
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